microLEDs published in Compound Semiconductor

We are pleased that a nice article about our microLED technology has been published in the recognized and for semiconductor technology important magazine Compound Semiconductor.

In Issue 7 / 2021, starting on page 34, you can find a lot of valuable information, among others about the manufacturing process, technical properties and possible applications.

Here is the link to the article:


Announcement: Improvement of hardware at 8×8 SMILE platform

Our SMILE platforms are particularly well suited for being able to create lighting patterns easily and quickly.

For this purpose, we have programmed a graphical user interface that allows the user to play back his own patterns via the SMILE platform within a few minutes. Since this is a Windows-based user interface, it is clear to the technically savvy user that real-time capability can hardly be achieved via this.

Therefore, there is now an extended „LOAD function“. This enables the playback of frames in frequency ranges that are normally not possible with USB-controlled products.

This has been realized by an enlarged internal memory. The frames are stored directly in the processor of the SMILE platform.

QubeDot is founding member of the QVLS e.V.

Our µLED technology also plays an essential role in the development of quantum computers.
For this reason, we have been honored to be a founding member of QVLS e.V. together with renowned partners. After an intensive period of efficient preparation, the QVLS e.V. will go „live“ on February 10, 2021 with a digital launch event – accompanied, among others, by the Minister for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony Björn Thümler.

We wish the association all the best for the future!

Here is the link to the digital recording of the event:

New housing for SMILE platform

Our µLED arrays are the key to our Structured Micro Illumination Light Engine (SMILE) platform. They enable as a complete system the precise control of every single light pattern.

MicroLED array with 16×16 pixels in new star housing – connected to USB and ready to illuminate your samples.

The new housing allows for an easy integration of the SMILE platform into optical system as it is compatible to 60mm cage systems and offers additional threads.

QubeDots novel microscope featured in Osram InnovatiON magazine

In the last weeks representatives of the Corporate Communications at OSRAM were searching for novel and disrupting technologies in regard to LEDs. They found us and conducted interviews at our premises.
The resulting article „A pocket microscope“ can be found online here in english language.

Announcement: QubeDot taking part at the 4th Brainswick Symposium 21. – 22.10.2019

The fourth Brainswick Symposium on „A state of mind: Neural Communication in health and disease“ will take place in Braunschweig on 21 and 22 October. Invited speakers will present the latest findings of their research. QubeDot is looking forward to meeting the users of its systems used in optogenetics and chemical biology.

Improved user-friendliness of software for controlling µLEDs

The further development of the software µ-controlLED climbs to the next level. A new feature that has been wanted for a long time is finally implemented: The individual pixels of our µLED arrays can now also be controlled automatically using imported GIFs or PNGs. Heiko Brüning, CEO: „Especially for our users from Optogenetics and Biology this extension enables completely new experiments, because now the long-term behaviour of organisms can be investigated much more easily.

QubeDot at the EAC 2019 (European Aerosol Conference) in Sweden

Representatives of QubeDot participated in the EAC 2019 (European Aerosol Conference) in Gothenburg / Sweden to discuss progress and current trends in particle sensor technology with industry experts. The EAC conferences are traditional meeting places and an exciting discussion forum for scientists from around the world working with basic aerosol research, development of aerosol techniques or applying one of its several techniques in a rich variety of scientific topics.

QubeDot moves into new premises in Braunschweig

A long path of development and planning has now been followed, so that QubeDot can now move into new premises. The additional space and the open working atmosphere support the potential and sustainability of QubeDot. Jan Gülink, CTO: „We are happy that our ideas have finally been given a permanent home.“