Solutions for all of your use cases.

μLEDs and
μLED Arrays

We provide your desired GaN solution – also for LEDs. No matter what size – the smaller the better. No matter what quantity. Precision guaranteed.

custom resolutions
1...100 μm
custom wavelength
290...1100 nm
wavelength 600-1100 nm on request
custom layout of pixels
switching times of 1MHz
All pixels seperately controllable

A look at the product

Qubedot’s μLEDs can be used as simple as any conventional LED. We designed a special driver electronic to control your μLED array. It comes with the software μ-controlLED to get you started directly with an easy-to-use GUI.

QubeDot´s µLEDs typically have a size of 1 … 100 µm and also a wavelength according to customers desires. Power densities of 150 kW/m² illuminate anything you put in the beam path. If you look at applications that need to run for many years, µLEDs are your solution as – for example – a µLED with a size of 5 µm draws less than 1 µA.

μLED Systems

One application of µLEDs is a pigtailed µLED with a wall plug efficiency that is more than 100 times better than any product we have seen before.

Low current drain of 50mW at 20mW optical power
Low thermal heating
Custom wavelength 290...1100nm
Switching times of 1MHz
SMA905 connector for multimode fibers
FC/UC connector for singlemode fibers

Pigtailed μLED as an example application

Boreholes fit to known widespread LED-systems


We develop and manufacture your desired digital high-tech microscopes – individual, simple, portable, multifunctional. Our microscopes prioritize user-friendly interfaces without compromising accuracy.

Fast and ultra-small light sources
Extreme Miniaturization
Custom software development
Low power design
Lightweight and digital system
Competitive Edge

Curious about our Microscopy Solutions?

Foundry Service

We provide your desired GaN solution. You have a chip design or a customized epi stack design in your mind? There is not much time to achieve your goals? We make it happen.

7 days
lithography, dry & wet etching techniques, passivation layers, contact and mirror metallizations, etc. from one hand

Semiconductor Analysis

Some people say “you can only manage what you can measure”. If you do not have the chance to manage your LED – or light related topic – we will gladly assist you with our experience and technical measuring equipment.

Among these are:

  • Cathodoluminescence (CL)
  • Time resolved cathodoluminescence (TR-CL)
  • µPhotoluminescence (µ-PL)
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX)
  • Electrochemical Capacitance-Voltage (ECV)
  • Time-of-Flight Mass Spectroscopy (TOF-MS)


The technology behind our products & services.