Omnipresent Microscopy by QubeDot!

Imagine a totally different approach to microscopy.
Imagine if microscopy was as simple as sharpening the pencil.
Imagine a microscope that you can take to your examined cell culture – and not the other way around.
Imagine a microscope that can be used in almost any surroundings.
Imagine – this has now become true!

QubeDot´s SMILEoscope is your solution when it comes to live cell imaging, pollen analysis or any other specimen in the range of 10 – 500 µm.

SMILEoscope has outstanding specs: while the size is about the same size as a human heart, it has an incredibly large field of view: at a resolution of 2 µm, the field of view is 5500 x 4200 µm! With this characteristics, it is perfectly suited for cell counting.

The SMILEoscope is a totally new approach because it does not require any lenses. It´s totally digital, so – even if you take a very close look – it does not have any ocular. It will transfer its pictures to your laptop. And it is very robust. This means you can put in an incubator with ease. You can also let it work in humid conditions. Or hot conditions. It will work for you under almost any circumstances. And if SMILEoscope has had to work for you in biologically critical surroundings up to biosafety level S4 – and you are not sure if contamination is still existent – just put it inside a sterilizer. Afterwards, it´ll be happy to do live cell imaging again for you while you can do your work.

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